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Job Search Progress: 6 Ways Keep Moving Forward Everyday

job search progress

Sometimes achieving job search progress feels like trying to run a marathon through waist-deep water. In other words, extremely difficult!

So how do you continue to make progress on your job search? Just follow these 6 simple steps…   

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A New Year, A New Job Search Plan for 2017

job search plan

Don’t wait until January is almost over to search for jobs! As part of a solid job search plan for the new year, get ahead of the game. And get ahead of the flood of 2017 new year job applications, It’s important to be well-prepared so that you have enough time to research positions and companies, craft solid cover letters and resumes, and take any additional steps necessary to land an interview. Define Your Goals and Expectations To begin your job search plan, figure out what type of job you want. Are you looking to switch to a different position, or   

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