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10 Job Search Mistakes That Will Keep You Unemployed

Job Search Behavior

A job search is a job in itself. And, like any job, it can be stressful and riddled with anxiety. Don’t make the situation worse by letting emotions drive bad behavior.

Reign in your anxiety: Manage it with exercise; a few hours spent with understanding and light-hearted friends; engagement in empowering job search strategy sessions; and such.

By doing so, you can avoid the following examples of bad job search behavior that will lengthen your search, (and you may even find a little joy along the way):   

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Young Job Seekers

Job Search Mistakes

We’ve all heard it before, the job market is rough and the odds of recent college grads landing jobs are not high. Put yourself ahead of your career competition by refraining from making these 5 mistakes in your job hunt.   

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The 4 Mistakes That Lead to Job Search #Fail

Job Search Mistakes

When your job search efforts don’t translate into job interviews and offers, it’s time to figure out what isn’t working and change your strategy.

Check out these five common job search mistakes. Remove them from your repertoire, and you’ll increase your odds of landing a job offer.   

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4 Job Search Mistakes Employers WILL Notice

Job Search Mistakes

During the hunt for a job, it’s common to continually seek new ways to stand out to potential employers. While job seekers are busy developing their unique pitches to help them stand out, they might be overlooking little mistakes that set them apart… in a negative way.

Not having the success you expected during your job search? Here are four mistakes employers might be noticing…   

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The 3 Job Search Mistakes Undergrads Most Often Regret

We know the economy sucks, especially for us college students and recent grads.

So, it’s important for college students to focus on what will help them most after graduation. Rather than thinking short-term about school, friends, extracurriculars, and jobs… prioritizing longer-term thinking is the proverbial secret to success.

Along the way, here are some mistakes you’d like to avoid:   

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5 Major Mistakes Made BEFORE the Job Interview

Sure, it’s hard enough trying to get through the actual job interview without making a mistake. But what about before the job interview?

While big blunders may not happen until you’re sitting in front of an employer, your attitude, and the preparation in the days leading up to the interview can really affect the outcome.

Make sure you don’t make the following wrong assumptions and preparation mistakes before your interview.   

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