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Job Search Failure: 7 Reasons No One is Hiring You

job search failure

As I was clearing out my email yesterday, I was hit over and over again with reoccurring themes of “stuck in a rut”, “unable to find a job”, “no one wants to hire me” job search failure sob stories. If any of these shoes fit, get a new pair quickly. Better yet, share this with people you know. You may even need to highlight the areas they need to fix.   

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Ten Amusing Cover Letter and Resume Fails [Infographic]

resume fails

Everyone makes mistakes. For the most part, we live, we learn, we move on. Occasionally someone catches it on video and we become a minor YouTube sensation, but that’s not what this post is about. When it comes to your career and your future, the mistakes you make can be devastating. Thankfully, many of the most common cover letter and resume fails can be easily avoided with a little diligence.   

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The Top 11 Problems Faced by the Modern Job Seeker

modern job seeker

From crappy resumes to terrible interviews, these 11 issues keep popping up for the modern job seeker.

Too bad, because the job market remains tough. Not as bad as it was in 2009 when nearly one in every 10 Americans were unemployed. But even in today’s job market, most jobs have dozens of qualified applicants…   

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6 Mistakes and Mindsets Killing Your Job Search

Getting In Your Own Way

Everyone knows: the job search can be a stressful time marked by hopeful ups and defeating downs.

Everyone also knows: This is normal. During your job search, however, we tend to forget just how normal this is. And we often become our own worst enemy…   

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Are You Making These 8 Job Search Email Mistakes?


Whether you’re sending a job application or inquiring about networking opportunities, chances are very good you’ll send an email to a recruiter or hiring manager.

And in many cases, that email is your very first impression; it is how you are measured as a young professional. So any mistake could be costly…   

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10 Mistakes Job Seekers Just Can’t Make


Our friends at YEC asked their members this question:

“When seeking a job at your company, what is the biggest ‘no, thank you!’ mistake a candidate can make?”

Here are the answers we can all learn a lot from…   

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