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Job Rejection: 3 Hard Lessons Learned from a Failed Job Search

job rejection

One of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced was not getting the job I wanted. I interviewed with a major publishing company and received the dreaded e-mail that it decided to move forward with another candidate.

That job rejection was especially hard to swallow because I thought I had done everything right…   

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Job Search Failure: 7 Reasons No One is Hiring You

job search failure

As I was clearing out my email yesterday, I was hit over and over again with reoccurring themes of “stuck in a rut”, “unable to find a job”, “no one wants to hire me” job search failure sob stories. If any of these shoes fit, get a new pair quickly. Better yet, share this with people you know. You may even need to highlight the areas they need to fix.   

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7 Very Real Reasons You Were Not Hired (This Time)

why you were not hired

What are the real reasons you were not hired… this time? I get asked all of the time by job seekers why they weren’t hired for a job they applied for. I hear the same story: You’ve been on a number of interviews and sent out more applications than you can count, but still no luck. If you hear back at all, it’s often a “thanks for your time, but we’re not interested” or “you’re not the right fit for this role.” I know that it can be frustrating and disheartening. But while everyone’s situation is unique, I may be able   

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