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Email Mistakes: The Best Way to Ruin Your Carefully Crafted First Impression

email mistakes

Job searching can be a shallow experience. A lot of the post-application process is superficial. First impressions matter, and all job seekers know to present the best version of themselves in interviews and on their resumes. What a lot of job seekers don’t realize is that there is more to a first impression than your LinkedIn page, especially when the application process is now largely automated or online. Your email mistakes could sabotage your efforts completely.   

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6 Ways Candidates Can Become Job Seeking Zombies

job seeking zombies

Time after time, job seekers land an interview or a meeting with someone influential in their screening, and they blow it. They become zombies to the company. And the company wants to run from or shut down the zombie. Unlike the characters in movies, they succeed at a pretty high rate. Here’s how job candidates become zombies to employers.   

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What Are the Top 7 Job Search Fails?


Job search taking longer than you expect? Not getting very many job interviews? Job offers not exactly flowing in?

That may be because how you are going about your job hunt is all wrong. And no matter how hard you work at a bad strategy, it’s still bad strategy. So let’s debunk your outdated and ineffective beliefs that are leading to job search failure, starting with eight I see most often…   

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