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5 Reasons You Should Thank Your Job Search Competition

job search competition

In any economy, good or bad, you have a lot of competition for every job. The internet, social media and the rise of the global “gig economy” have only increased how hard you need to fight for every opportunity. Intimidated? Most people would answer “Yes!”   

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holiday Job Search

We Are Hiring

With Christmas right around the corner, many job seekers ask themselves: “Should I pause my job search, or keep looking?”

And I understand the temptation. Yes, hiring traditionally slows down as we move into the holiday season. But hiring is still happening…   

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3 Ways to Make Your Job Search Competition Irrelevant

Making  Job Search Competition Irrelevant

One of a job candidates’ biggest worries? The competition.

How are their credentials? How much experience do they have? What is their online presence like? How good are they during the job interview? Do they have an inside track to this job?

While it’s completely normal to be concerned about your competition, this mindset can actually throw you off your game…   

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15 Reasons Someone Else Got the Job (And You Didn’t)

party 4

You’ve worked hard; you’ve done everything right. And now, you find yourself neck-and-neck with another candidate; the job will go to one of you.

When you’re in this position, what makes the difference? How does an employer know who to choose, and who to disappoint?   

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What Trait Helps You Beat Your Job Search Competition?

job search competition

You’ve climbed to the top of the heap. Out of the 100+ applications received, you are one of the two or three candidates being considered for a great job.

And now that you’ve gotten this far, you need to know: What exactly is that “magic ingredient” that tips the scales in your favor over the other candidates?   

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