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Stacy Zapar’s Top 10 Tips for Job Seekers

Job Seeker Super Hero

You’re competing with a lot of great talent, avoiding the recruiting black hole, and wading through all the conflicting advice… some of which gets you all fired up, but doesn’t actually tell you how to get the interview!

I’ve been recruiting for 15+ years and know a thing or two about the job search / recruiting process and am happy to provide some clarity about what works and what doesn’t. So, here’s what I know works, right now, regardless of the economy…   

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Job Interview Follow-up: Answers to 3 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Job Search Follow Up Anxiety

A Google search on “follow up after a job interview” reveals our escalating post-interview anxieties; all our worries about how and when to follow up are laid bare. Unfortunately, though Google is great at surfacing our concerns, the results returned often offer exceptional advice mixed with utter nonsense.

So, what questions are people secretly nervous about after their job interviews? What are the best available answers to their concerns? Here’s what we found…   

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What Job Seekers Should Know About Current Hiring Trends

Hiring Trends

Many hiring trends come and go, while some others recruiters tend to stick to forever. There are trends with the skill sets of candidates being hired, the means used to hire, and even the steps actual hiring process. To increase their success, job seekers should be aware of these trends.

To get an expert view on current and future hiring trends, we asked Christa Shapiro, a Regional Vice President with Adecco Staffing US, for her thoughts.   

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Avoid the Top 5 Rookie Job Search Mistakes


As a university career counselor, I often meet with seniors to discuss their job search process. I’ve begun keeping a record of the most common job mistakes I see students during their search for their first professional job. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid these unfortunate job search blunders!   

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20 Proven Ways to Beat Your Job Search Competition

Beat career competition

Looking for advice on how to stand out from your job search competition?

As an executive search consultant and civic-connector, I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews and networking meetings. Here are some of my observations from years on the job, insights you can use to beat out your competition.

Editor’s note: We see a theme in these tips — the importance of saying “thank you.” Gratitude and appreciation go a long way!   

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Break the Career Catch-22: Get a Job… Without Experience

Career Catch 22

You’re now facing the problem that has dogged every young professional since jobs were invented: How do you get experience to land a job which requires a worker with experience? It is the Career Catch-22.

Here are some techniques to help you get through that Catch-22… and well on your way to your first day at work…   

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