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Veterans in the Workforce: Serving Those Who Served Us


Our military veterans sacrifice more than most of us realize to keep our country and our collective interests safe and productive. In many cases, their families stand alongside them as they serve.

When these men and women are finished serving their country, they face more challenges as they transition into the civilian workforce, including finding a job…   

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The Top 5 Job Search Challenges Faced by Veterans


Even when a veteran is ready in body and soul to search for that post-military job, he or she may encounter immediate rejection. Hiring managers generally possess rigid mind sets when it comes to filling their open positions, demanding equally rigid skill sets, no matter who is applying to them.

How, then, do ex-military candidates overcome their unique challenges? Here are five realistic suggestions on how to beat those challenges and attain a civilian job.   

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Break the Career Catch-22: Get a Job… Without Experience

Career Catch 22

You’re now facing the problem that has dogged every young professional since jobs were invented: How do you get experience to land a job which requires a worker with experience? It is the Career Catch-22.

Here are some techniques to help you get through that Catch-22… and well on your way to your first day at work…   

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Veterans: Make Your Military Experience a Job Search Advantage

As a youngster, I had a fear of joining any of our armed services. Now, as an adult and throughout my career, I realize what a big mistake that was. I have had the pleasure of working with and for many armed services veterans, some who have gone on to run their own companies.

After helping various veterans return to the work force, I’d like to share some observations for this special group.   

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