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5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Recent Grads

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A recent grad was telling me how he was struggling with interviews. He’d prepared but didn’t feel good about how he delivered his answers. The result: failure.

If you’ve been interviewing lately, you might know his story, first hand…   

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7 Traits of Highly Successful Post Grad Job Seekers

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It’s summer. The time of year when recent college graduates frantically search for jobs in an economy still struggling; a scary time for many. And yet, there are a select few who are rising to the top of the job search heap. This group of college graduates are the college seniors who’ve effortlessly landed a job already. And chances are, you’re probably wondering what tricks they used to get ahead of their job seeking competition. So here they are: the 7 traits of highly successful post-graduation job seeker: 1. They Don’t Spend the Whole Day Applying for Jobs Although it   

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9 Costly (And Avoidable) Newbie Job Search Mistakes

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Your first “real” job search (as a newly-minted young professional) is quite a learning experience. So many options; so little time! You can’t wait to hear those magic words: “You’re hired”. You don’t want to make job search mistakes that will extend your job search. But, you may not be clear on exactly what to do next and what is appropriate.

Check out these 10 mistakes recent grads make that postpone that first paycheck:   

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Are Past Job Titles Killing Your Present Job Search?


Job title inflation is rampant, and that’s not to say it’s wrong – I always encourage candidates to use verbiage that both accurately describes their role and contributions, but that also best speaks to the interests of the position.

One thing they’re doing wrong is slapping a job title on the resume that says nothing about what they did, and/or conveys a completely different level of expertise than that which they’re targeting.   

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Why Applying for Every Job IS Great Job Search Strategy


My strategy for my job search during my last semester was pretty simple: apply for every job that I was even remotely qualified for.

While not always the easy road, I learned a lot along the way. Here are some of the lessons learned that college students can use in their own job search…   

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Job Interview #FAIL: Rookie Mistakes that Kill Your Chances

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You secured the interview! Take a moment and celebrate; pat yourself on the back as you acknowledge that much of your career competition didn’t make it this far.

Then, deliberately recognize that job interviews are a mine field of mistakes that could immediately end your chances of getting the job. Some could be labeled as “common sense” (yet happen all the time!) while others are far more subtle. All of them, however, are avoidable… and every meeting with a potential employer is another chance to improve your job interview performance.

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community took on these rookie mistakes at job interviews…   

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