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How to Make the Most of Your Under-Employment


50 percent of recent college graduates were either unemployed or underemployed.

Underemployed means you have a job, but it might be part-time and it’s definitely below your skill set, education and capability. This is the position I found myself in three months after graduating.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with being underemployed. I was determined to make the most of my position. Here’s what I did, and what you can do, too, if you find yourself underemployed, and wanting more.   

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Your Voicemail Will Not Get You Hired: Answer the Phone!


The pre-interview process involves several steps: I post job or internship descriptions online… receive and sort many resumes… email qualified candidates to set up phone interviews… and then call them at the agreed-upon time.

And about one-third of the time… I get voicemail. The candidate fails to answer the phone.   

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The Ultimate Job Search Checklist for Soon-to-be Grads


We’re locked deeply into winter, and yet spring will soon, well, spring… and many college students will have only days remaining in their college career.

Right about then, the question turns from “Will I ever get my degree?” to “What am I going to do with that degree?” Let’s start warming up your job search now, and get you an answer before you graduate!   

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Job Search Shortcuts Sure to Help Get that First Gig [Infographic]


The unemployment rate for college grads is 7.9%, which means many young adults are still having difficulty finding a job. That fact is scary, indeed. However, you have a lot of say in whether you are part of that statistic.

With some networking knowledge, adjustments to your online presence and developing an action plan rather than just randomly applying, you will be on your way to becoming gainfully employed.

Check out this interesting infographic from CollegeFeed with some job search shortcuts you can use to land your first job!   

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Job Search On-the-Go: How to Create a Mobile-friendly Resume

Mobile resume

Nearly an electronic appendage, we’re rarely more than a few feet from our phone or tablet at all times. A few weeks ago, ComeRecommended had a post about applying for jobs from your mobile device. These tips included utilizing job alerts, applying with LinkedIn, and having a mobile resume and cover letter.

But, what exactly goes into creating a mobile resume and cover letter?   

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How to Overcome the 10 Most Common Job Search Fears


Lies, damn lies and statistics. As if we weren’t already scared enough, recent studies about the job search make you cringe.

First, job seekers don’t know how to behave during job interviews, then they aren’t experienced with writing resumes. Throw in bad content on social media channels and how we suck at networking, and anxiety begins to take over…   

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