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Diversify Your Online Job Search: The 10 Best Ways to Find a Job on the Internet

online job search

Assuming that you know what you want to do and where you want to do it, you’ll find millions of jobs online. But not all online job search methods are created equal.

In fact, some internet-driven job search methods are far more effective than others…   

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Want the Job? Invest Time Reading the Job Posting

Follow directions

How much time do you spend reviewing an online job posting/ Absorbing all the details including requirements and instructions? If you’re like many job seekers, the answer is: not much.

Want proof? According to a May 2013 study by TheLadders: job seekers spend less than 60 seconds reviewing an online job posting before they decide either to apply or pass on the opportunity…   

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Magnetic to Recruiters: Your Customized Resume Has Pull


Hundreds of candidates apply to positions posted on job boards. Hundreds… for each open job.

As a result, employers have become very savvy at weeding out those candidates who are not qualified. Or who at least does not appear to be qualified because of what is or is not (in most cases) on their resume.

So I’m going to share some tips for making key adjustments to your resume to target it exactly for the position based on the job advertisement…   

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7 Steps to a Better Job Posting (and Better Talent)

There are many factors competing against you when you use the Internet to hire…

In a sea of competing voices, you have to stand out. The job you need to fill is one of many options for the job hunters who might see your posted vacancy.

One of the troubles that organizations have in generating job descriptions is that the term is over used; “job descriptions” have a wide range of uses…   

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