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Post-Interview Waiting: The Real Reasons Why Employers Take So Long to Respond

post-interview waiting

The reason for a long post-interview waiting period has little to do with you. Or it could have everything to do with you.

Here’s are just some the reasons an employer takes so long to respond…   

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9 Powerful Tips for Negotiating a Job Offer that Works for You

job offer

If you don’t ask for what you want, the answer will always be no! This is especially true when it comes to salary negotiations. However, you can also negotiate other elements of a job offer.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating a job offer, follow these 9 powerful tips…

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Giving Notice? 5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counter Offer

Counter Offer

You gave your 30-day notice. And now you’re received a counter offer. Don’t weaken, at least not immediately, even if your current manager makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

There are some things you must consider before you say yes, or no, to that counter offer…

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Your First Job Offer: Consider Accepting or Keep Looking?

Most Interesting Man Offer

You have an offer – congratulations! A company is impressed enough that it thinks you would add value, which is a testament to your skills and abilities. But, perhaps after several internships under your belt and a lengthy job search… it is the only offer you’ve received. To accept or not to accept? That is the question. Which makes now the perfect time to consider your motives, goals, likes and dislikes, as well as your career path. For many individuals, this deliberation process is easier said than done. To jump start your brainstorming process, consider the following questions. Will the   

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4 Reasons Your Last Job Interview Didn’t Result in a Job Offer

Job Interview Fail

Ever leave an interview knowing you rocked it? You call your best friend, significant other and your mother to tell them how great you did… you celebrate with a $6.00 coffee from Starbucks… and then, nothing.

WTH went wrong?

Here are four reasons why that last interview didn’t go as well as you thought it did… and didn’t result in a job offer…   

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3 Reasons That Job Interview Didn’t Result in a Job Offer

Ever leave an interview knowing you rocked it?

You expected an offer; there was no doubt. However, when you received an email from the recruiter (if you received one at all), you were surprised to find they were “going in a different direction”.

WTH went wrong?   

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