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Practice and Prepare for These 5 Common Job Interview Questions


Congratulations! After spending a fortune on tuition and many sleepless nights cramming for tests, you’ll soon be graduating from college.   

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Many Job Interviews and No Offers? Time to Audit Your Performance


You might have had a few, maybe several, interviews. But so far… no offers. That could mean the competition was significantly more qualified than you were. Or that you must improve how you interview.

Or it could mean it’s time to audit your job interview performance…   

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Signs Your Job Interview Isn’t Going Well (And How to Recover)

Job Interview Disconnect

Sometimes, even during a job interview, you have the feeling that things aren’t going well for you.

Often, things aren’t as bad as they seem; your nerves might be getting the best of you. Other times, you may be right… and you may be losing your audience to distractions, outside influences, or disinterest in you.   

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5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Recent Grads

 Job Interview

A recent grad was telling me how he was struggling with interviews. He’d prepared but didn’t feel good about how he delivered his answers. The result: failure.

If you’ve been interviewing lately, you might know his story, first hand…   

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The 9 Biggest Job Interview Fails (And How They Hurt You)


The first thing you should know about job interviews: everyone being interviewed can probably do the job. The employer believes that, or they wouldn’t have extended the invitation for a meeting.

The purpose of the interview, then, is to see if you are a fit for the employer, and if the employer is a fit for you…   

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100 Job Interview Dos and Don’ts [Infographic]

100 Job Interview Dos and Donts

Workopolis compiled the infographic below based on interviews, common knowledge, common sense, scientific research… and some reports just too strange to be fiction. We’re sure you’ll agree: this is one thorough resource for job seekers.

Take a look. Even better, download to your smartphone…   

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