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To Ace the Interview: Quit Trying to Read the Recruiter’s Mind


The main reason job seekers fear – and fail –at interviews? They’re attempting to read the interviewer’s mind; or they try to anticipate the next question asked instead of actively listening to the current question.

This job interview mind-guessing game does not – will not – work… and is destined to fail.   

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7 Steps to a Job Interview Strategy That Gets You Hired

Job Interview Strategy

Job interviews are the bane of many job seekers’ existence, causing stress, anxiety, and frustration. It’s the part of the job search we try hardest to prepare for… and yet it seems we often come up short.

Through my experience as a job seeker and then as a recruiter, I can say there’s no magic formula to become an expert interviewer. However, I soon found ways that have helped me (and now the candidates I’ve interviewed and coached) be more successful during this portion of their job search…   

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