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5 Job Interview Research Techniques That Will Get You Hired

Job Interview Research

They can tell, you know.

When I was hiring people, my team and I could always tell whether someone had done their homework on the company. If they didn’t do the research, they were out…   

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Job Interview 101: 5 Clever Ways to Research Your Next Employer


In the Social Age, with endless resources available to us, showing up to an interview without doing any research on the employer can cost you, big time.

Today, every job seeker is expected to learn as much as they can about the company… and it simply must be more than what can be gleaned from scanning the company’s “About Us” page…   

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7 Online Resources That Help Rock Your Job Interview


You’ve applied for some jobs for which you’re well-qualified, and now you’re getting ready to wow them in the interviews. How you carry yourself in those interviews not only indicates what a smart and thorough employee you’d be. You’re also demonstrating something very important to recruiters: your interest in each specific company… i.e. you want that job… not just a job.

Before your interview, use these online resources to prepare for your interviews and blow away your competition:   

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3 Pieces of Job Interview Research Advice You Need to Hear

Job Interview Research

One of the most important parts of your job interview preparation is research. But what does that actually mean? How much research should you do? And is it possible to over-prepare?

The answers to those questions are different for everyone. Some hiring managers will spend the whole interview asking questions un-related to the job itself. While others will straight-up ask you to tell them what you know about the company.

While there is no standard answer to what you should know, knowing these 3 things will help you feel confident.   

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