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Tough Job Interview Question? Here’s What They Are REALLY Asking


We’ve all heard about those oddball job interview questions like, “How many golf balls fit in a school bus?” And we seem to share the same dread over the more common questions such as “Tell me about yourself?”

But have you ever thought of what a recruiter is really asking when they ask those questions?   

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3 Unique Job Interview Questions You Must Be Ready to Answer


During a job interview, it can be difficult to determine who has the right skills, so I’ve worked over the last four years to refine my ability to assess them.

The following are the three questions I ask every candidate (and you must be ready to answer)…   

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10 Job Interview Questions You Do NOT Have to Answer

Job Interview Questions You Don

During the job interview, employers want to learn everything they possibly can about person on the other side of the table. However, sometimes their questions can cross the line.

Which is why it is important for job seekers to be aware of the questions they can – and cannot – be asked. To avoid becoming a victim of discrimination during a job interview, here are 10 interview questions you don’t have to answer…   

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7 Can’t Lose Questions for Your Next Job Interview

7 Can

In almost every interview, your turn to ask questions has the potential to create that approving nod we all crave, or that big yawn that makes us all cringe.

So while it’s important to prepare your answers for the job interview, it’s also valuable to plan out your questions…   

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25 Questions That Will Uncover a Company’s True Culture

Questions to Uncover Company Culture

The interview is going great; you sense an offer is coming. But something doesn’t feel right… you’re just not sure this company is the right fit for you.

Of course, before you can make any decisions, you need to know what the company’s culture really is. But you feel you really can’t disclose your reservations without coming off as prying, dispassionate, or skeptical…   

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6 Questions to Ask Before Saying ‘Yes’ to That Job Offer


In my job, I interact with candidates at many different stages of job searching, from resume writing to offer acceptance.

The other day, I spoke with a candidate who felt very uncomfortable with the whole negotiation process. So I gave her some advice, including what to ask before accepting any job offer. Here are the six things we discussed in detail…   

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