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How to Craft the Perfect Answer to “What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?”

Interview Question

One of the toughest job interview questions of all time: “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

And yet answering this question in a way sure to impress the recruiter is not all that difficult! Because like your LinkedIn profile and resume should be focused on your accomplishments (preferably quantified), so should your answer to this job interview question!   

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When Recruiters Ask: “Do You Have Any Questions for Me?”


Preparing for an interview can be overwhelming. Putting your hopes and dreams into words isn’t easy; even putting together the most professional outfit you own can be stressful.

And then there are the interview questions that cause anxiety even for the most confident. Especially the one we’re all sure to encounter, but very few prepare for adequately…   

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How to Make the “Greatest Weakness” Question a Strength


Too often, a job interview includes annoying interview questions… and none is worse, or more common, than: “What’s your greatest weakness?”

So, since some form of the greatest weakness question will likely be aimed your way as you sit in the interview hot seat, you should be more than prepared to make this odd question a bona fide strength.   

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25 Questions to Ask During Your Next Job Interview

Magic 8 Ball

There’s lots of advice out there about what to ask when the recruiter says, “Have any questions for me?”

The trouble is, most of that advice is starting OKto sound generic… and recruiters are tired of getting asked the same questions over and over again. Even worse: when a candidate asks a question that has nothing to do with that job or company… or even the goals of the applicant…   

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Blow Recruiters Away By Asking These 7 Job Interview Questions

blown away

What is the one mistake way too many job hunters make as they head into a job interview?

They assume the interview process is a one-sided conversation. The most successful job seekers, however, aren’t just prepared to answer tricky questions…. they have some questions of their own up their sleeve…   

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Could You Answer These 9 Unique Job Interview Questions?


Quora, our favorite Q&A site, asked their community: “What one question do you ask applicants in a job interview?”

Among the submissions, here are our favorites – along with the reasons why the interviewers count on these questions when looking for their next team member:   

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