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How to Answer 30 Common Interview Questions with Just 3 Stories

common interview questions

If you look for advice on how to prepare for a job interview, you are likely to find a lot of lists.

What you won’t find is an explanation of what the job interviewer is really looking for when they ask those common interview questions…   

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Job Interview Preparation: Fast, Easy, and Necessary [Infographic]

interview preparation

Job interview preparation may seem like a daunting task. It may even seem unnecessary. After all, you know who you are and what you have to offer. You can just walk in there and wow them with your personality, knowledge, and experience.

Wrong! The most common issue employer’s cite during the hiring process is an obvious lack of preparation by the candidate…   

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What You Wish You Had Known BEFORE the Interview [Infographic]

Nearly every time, we leave the job interview wishing we had done something different: provided a better answer to a specific question, researched a critical topic more thoroughly, or ironed the front and back of the shirt so we could take the suit jacket off instead of sitting there sweating.

And sometimes, we leave the job interview thinking, “I had no idea THAT would be a serious issue!” or “Who knew they cared so much about ______?”   

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You Got the Job Interview! Here’s What Needs to Happen Next…

The date of an interview is circled on a calendar so you remember the important meeting with your potential new employer

After sending out perhaps hundreds of resumes, what a relief to get a message requesting an interview. While the hard part was getting their attention, you now have the chance to show off your talents and explain how you would help the company.

So what happens now? How do you make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity? Here’s what I do… which has helped me walk into an interview with confidence, every time.   

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4 Job Interview Questions Designed to Mess You Up

Interview Questions That Mess You Up

Have a big interview coming up? We all know the best way to prepare… is to over-prepare.

Reviewing your resume and being comfortable talking about everything on it; thoroughly understanding the mission of the company, and how you can help are great places to start.

As recruiters work hard to find new ways to differentiate candidates, however, it is also important to know some of the tricky questions they might ask during the interview…    

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