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5 Resume and Interview Red Flags Recruiters Won’t Ignore

Red Flag Warnings for Recruiters

Every year, hiring managers and HR professionals read thousands of resumes. They know what to look for in a good way. And they sure know how to find the red flags that indicate a less-than-desirable candidate. Should they miss a red flag, now worries; they have an entire job interview to uncover what you are trying to hide.

Here’s a look at six of those red flags hiring managers can’t, or won’t, ignore.   

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6 Reasons Your Job Interview Went Terribly Wrong

WrightCareer Job Interview Mistakes

Job seekers, there is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence; watch your body language, and beware of your cell phone etiquette. After all, you are in an interview!   

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What Are the Top 5 Job Interview Mistakes?


Sometimes we learn from our mistakes… sometimes we learn from the mistakes of others.

You can rise above your job search competition by learning the top 5 job interview mistakes we see them making right now…   

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Hiring Managers Reveal: The Top 5 Interview-Killing Mistakes

Interview Killing Mistakes

Scoring an interview is cause for celebration. A company sees you as a competitive candidate and you have a chance to get your foot in the door!

Your job search is not over yet though… not even close. Now, it’s time to show your future boss that you are just as great of a fit in person as you are on paper.

To help you get even a bigger leg up on your competition, we asked hiring managers about their worst interview experiences with candidates…   

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Survey of Recruiters Reveals: The Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

Job interview mistakes

A staffing firm in Oklahoma City, Express Employment Professionals, surveyed 300 hiring managers about the biggest interview blunders they’ve seen – and some of the results are hard to believe.

We figured you’d get a kick out of these resume mistakes job seekers have made. Check out the list and, please… don’t make these mistakes…   

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The 6 Most Common Mistakes Made During Informational Interviews

Informational Interview Mistakes

Informational interviews are an excellent way to gain insight about your future career direction. However, if done wrong, these interviews can easily ruin a good networking opportunity… and your chance to land a job with that company.

If you’re approaching an informational interview, here are the six most common mistakes to avoid…   

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