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Being the Most Qualified Candidate Does Not Guarantee You the Job

qualified candidate

Have you ever left an interview feeling you nailed it? That you would have to be offered the job because you proved you were the most qualified candidate? You wait for days (or weeks) only to hear you didn’t.

I am sure you have, and it’s not a nice feeling.   

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The 9 Biggest Job Interview Fails (And How They Hurt You)


The first thing you should know about job interviews: everyone being interviewed can probably do the job. The employer believes that, or they wouldn’t have extended the invitation for a meeting.

The purpose of the interview, then, is to see if you are a fit for the employer, and if the employer is a fit for you…   

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Job Interview Fail: 10 Ways to Make Sure You Never Get an Offer


It’s a competitive job market these days, with many job candidates competing elbow-to-elbow for available jobs. But some folks do us all a favor… by taking themselves out of contention… all by themselves.

Here are some ways that some job candidates reveal their inner crazy and turn off employers:   

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