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Weird Job Interview Questions You Must be Ready to Answer [Infographic]

weird job interview questions

Weird interview questions are not all that uncommon, and they’re really not all that weird. Companies often design these questions to throw you off your practiced pitch and force you to respond spontaneously. Recruiters often use them to try to uncover the real you, the you that will come out in everyday situations. It is difficult to really get to know someone in an interview setting because we all practice and prepare so much. The seemingly random question can often help recruiters see beyond that practiced facade.   

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Building Interview Rapport: The Key to Opening Employment Doors

interview rapport

Building interview rapport is difficult. You are nervous. The employer is stressed (likely because they have work backing up due to the staff vacancy). And time is of the essence.

So in your next interview, remember to take the lead in building interview rapport, and see where it takes you…   

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How to Capture Attention in a Job Interview… and Keep It

capture attention

Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences with so many dos and don’ts to remember. It’s important to come out with the feeling of knowing that you’ve made an impression on your job interviewers.

How do you capture attention attention and hold it throughout?   

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3 Must Ask Questions Candidates Must Ask at Every Job Interview

must ask questions

One of the most important parts of the interview? The “do you have any questions” for me portion.

With that in mind, here are the top three must ask questions you must ask at every job interview…   

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Game On Job Seekers! How to Level Up Your Interviewing Skills

interviewing skills

Having interviewed hundreds of people for positions ranging from developers to sales reps, there are some interesting patterns that emerge. The better the candidate, the more complex the patterns. Almost like levels in a video game.

For the best chance of success, you need to level up your interviewing skills…   

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Job Interview Preparation: A Quick Guide to Basic Interview Statistics [Infographic]

job interview preparation

Preparing for the interview remains one of the most important tasks of any job search. You know you need to practice your answers to common questions. Stylish, professional clothes hang waiting in the closet. You’ve researched the company and prepared intelligent questions to ask. Confidence is high. But do you really know everything you need to know? Perhaps you need a quick guide to basic interview Statistics.   

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