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4 Ways to Strengthen Resilience During a Job Search


How do you strengthen resilience during the job search? When you get knocked down, how do you stay positive and engaged?

Here are four factors proven to strengthen your resilience in the job search…   

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5 Career Perks for Completing Post-Graduate Internships

college graduate internships

Many college seniors expect to have a full-time job waiting for them after graduation. And a brand new car. And keys to a top-floor apartment with a view.


But if you’re planning to graduate this semester, get ready for a major reality check…   

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You’re 4 Simple Steps Away from Job Search Success in 2016


Here are some further steps that will put you in control of your job search and help you find a new job in 2016.   

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Updated for 2016: Job Interview Do’s and Dont’s [Infographic]

Job Interview Do and Dont

The “do’s and don’ts” posts have been around as long as YouTern has been here to help (okay, maybe longer), but this one is different…

It is accompanies by actual data that shows exactly how many candidates, to their credit, are doing the do’s – and how many, much to the dread of employers, are guilty of the don’ts…   

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7 Things To Do After College (Instead of a Full-Time Job)

After Graduation

“So… what are you doing next year?”

That question and I became intimately acquainted last year around this time when I graduated from Notre Dame. And did I have an answer? Hell no. So, because I wasn’t walking off that stage with a diploma in one hand and a job offer in the other, I routinely felt I was behind…   

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5 Awesome Tips to Fit a Job Search Into Your Busy Life

Organize Your Job Search

If your 2013 goals are ambitious or numerous, your time management and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously must be well muscled. And if you’re squeezing in a job hunt between a full-time job, volunteer work and family or friends, you may need help.

Here are her top five strategies to juggle it all, while actively searching for a job:   

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