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Turn Your College Years into Real and Relevant Job Experience

job experience

Many college students and recent grads face the “I don’t have experience” dilemma in their job search. In one recent blog post I included this:

Most new grads have more experience and skills than they give themselves credit for, and then struggle with turning it into value statements for employers.

The truth is most grads do have experience. It just may not be in a j-o-b for which they were paid a salary.   

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The World’s Best Responses to “You Don’t Have Much Experience”


Young professionals often feel their youth gives them an edge in a job search. Unfortunately, for a lot of recruiters, that energy and baby face often translates into “lack of experience”.

So, how to get the necessary experience for a job, if you can’t land a job to get experience? Despite this catch-22, how you handle yourself during the job interview is what matters most.

When prompted with the “you don’t seem to have much experience” line, take the bait and WOW them! Here’s how:   

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