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Tailored Resumes: Fitting Your Pitch to the Job Description [Infographic]

tailored resumes

In today’s job market, HR departments receive hundreds of resumes every day. So how do you make a great first impression? You send tailored resumes to every employer for every potential job. Creating tailored resumes for specific job descriptions will not only get the attention of the hiring manager, it will also help you win job interviews. In fact, tailoring your resume to the job you want is a key to a quality job search. Why Create Tailored Resumes? You have spent hours, maybe days, crafting a resume you thought was perfect… and yet you’re not getting any responses from   

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4 Ways Job Seekers Use the Job Description to Their Advantage

job description

A job description offers a wealth of information to the savvy job hunter. On the surface each one gives the obvious: a general run-down of the job along with the required skills and education. However, if you read a little closer you can often find more.   

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Here’s How to Use Job Descriptions to Tailor Your Resume [Infographic]

CB Job Ad Example

You have spent hours, maybe days, crafting a resume you thought was perfect… and yet you’re not getting any responses from employers. Let us tell you the most probable reason why: You haven’t used the job description to help tell your story. No single resume is perfect for ever job, of course; it needs to be tweaked and customized for every job, every time. But how? The answer lies within this clever infographic from CareerBuilder, where the words from a typical job ad are used to tailor a resume to the employer’s exact specifications. This simple step greatly improves your   

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How to Carefully Craft a Resume Sure to Impress


Does “Applicant Tracking System” or “ATS” mean anything to you? If you’re a job-seeker, they should… and after reading this post, they will.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software platform used by 90% of large and medium businesses…   

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Between the Lines: This is How to Read a Job Description


How you read and interpret a job posting has a huge impact on your perception of how qualified you are, how you’ll customize your resume and, ultimately, your ability to get the interview.

Often job seekers read a job description, hoping it’s the right job for them. So, they only look for what might match their experience and qualifications rather than understanding what the company is really seeking. As a result, they are often surprised that they didn’t get chosen for an interview…   

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