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10 Things That Matter When Employers Review Candidates Online


Do digital natives understand what decision makers are really looking for when checking out candidates online? To answer this question, we turned to our friends at the Young Entrepreneur Council for insight, and asked them:

When a new team member applies for work, and you check out that person online, what do you look for?    

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What is The One Thing Employers Look For?

What do employers want

When reviewing job descriptions, the person looking to work at the company ends up zeroing in on meeting every single job description criteria perfectly.

Which is important, but it’s not REALLY what employers are thinking about…   

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How to Show Employers You’re Right for the Job

Right candidate for the job

Some recruiters will immediately see your value as a potential employee. Others you’ll have to persuade. So how do you communicate your value (the ROI an employer will receive for hiring you as opposed to another candidate) to those recruiters who don’t readily see it?    

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C’s Get Degrees (But Average Candidates Rarely Get the Job)

Cs get degrees

When I read a post about a high school graduating class this year – with 25 valedictorians – I thought it was going to be an “everybody wins” salute to the trophy generation stereotype. Instead, it seems they all genuinely tied for top of the class.

I just hope they realize their hard work is just beginning.

They now face a reality where those who get the real-world equivalent of straight A’s get the top prize – a job… and everyone else comes in second. “C’s get degrees” only applies in school.   

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6 Steps to Coping with Poor Job Search Experiences

Waiting for Recruiters

Last year, 75% of job seekers who applied for a job online said they never heard back from the employer.

Does that sound all too familiar?

You’re certainly not alone. Recent survey results show that more than one in four workers reported having had a bad experience when applying for a job…   

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15 Tricks to Narrow Down Job Candidates Faster

It’s nearly impossible to read through every resume word for word. What techniques do you use to get through stacks of resumes fast while also making sure that you pick the best talent for the job?    

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