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6 Ways Candidates Can Become Job Seeking Zombies

job seeking zombies

Time after time, job seekers land an interview or a meeting with someone influential in their screening, and they blow it. They become zombies to the company. And the company wants to run from or shut down the zombie. Unlike the characters in movies, they succeed at a pretty high rate. Here’s how job candidates become zombies to employers.   

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Always Searching: The Profile of a Successful Job Candidate [Infographic]


The 1980s band “Loverboy” may have said it best: “Everybody’s working for the weekend.”

According to a study by CareerBuilder and Inavero, 53 percent of workers today feel like they have just a job, not a career. Millennial workers also continue to hop between jobs more often than other generations: Baby Boomers tend to stay in a position for 11 years on average, while Millennials typically stay at a job for three years. Another interesting data point: 69 percent of full-time workers regularly search for new job opportunities.

Check out this interesting infographic from CareerBuilder to see if this data reflects your job seeking habits…   

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