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Everything You Need to Know About a Craigslist Job Search

craigslist job search

The major job boards are an essential component to the job seeker’s toolkit. But have you considered looking for a job on Craigslist?

Here’s a roundup of what you need to know, and where you should use caution, during your Craigslist job search…


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New Ways to Use Job Boards for Success in the New Year

job boards

While job boards are obviously still valuable resources, they can often be a big waste of time. Job boards are not the only source of jobs, and they are not the best way to find a job today. According to recent research, only 12% of jobs are filled via job boards. Think beyond using job listings to find your next job.   

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Use Every Source Available to Uncover Creative Job Postings

creative job postings

Recruiters are branching out and trying new ways to attract candidates. From featuring pictures of employees having fun on the job to a-day-in-the-life interviews, companies are luring candidates with creative job postings in many places besides job boards.

Why would a recruiter go this extra mile to post jobs in other places?   

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The Guerrilla Job Search… Going Well Beyond the Job Boards


Many of us have been conditioned to think a passive job search was effective. Upload a resume to a major job board; hit the ‘Apply Now’ button; and we’d get hired. In our new economy, however, this 1990’s job search strategy is leaving you well behind our job search competition.

A whole range of options – often referred to as “guerilla” job search techniques – have proven to be far more effective…   

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The Value of an Employee Referral [Infographic]


Traditionally companies drew from the pool of viable applicants on career sites and job boards.

Today, recruiters and employers are utilizing employee referrals to find the most qualified applicants. Your current employees may hold the key to the perfect candidates.

Check out this interesting infographic from Jobvite. It shows how statistically, referred candidates offer several advantages to employers over those who apply through “outside sources.   

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Will You Win the Job Board Lottery?

Recently, a very lucky Iowa resident won an astounding $202 million playing the Powerball lottery. While it isn’t the biggest lottery prize ever, it’s an astounding reward given the very little effort that went into winning it.

Typically, the bigger the prize the more popular the contest; with popularity comes more competition, which in turn decreases your odds of winning.

Like lotteries and sports, job searches are highly competitive…   

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