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Addressing Cover Letters When the Hiring Manager’s Name is a Mystery

addressing cover letters

What’s the best way to replace “To Whom It May Concern” when addressing cover letters?

Here are four tips for figuring out who to address in your cover letter…   

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How to Tell When an Applicant Tracking System is Reading Your Resume

applicant tracking system

The first step to beating the system is knowing when an ATS is reading your resume.

Here are 4 things that can help you spot an Applicant Tracking System…   

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7 Ways a Recruiter Can Tell You’re Trying Too Hard


Ever wonder why you never get a call from a recruiter? Can’t seem to get a job interview? Why we write version after version of our resume., only to be largely ignored?

The reason may be far more simple than you might expect: you are trying too hard…   

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Hello, Trash Can: 5 Common Mistakes in a Mediocre Resume

Trash Can

Like many job seekers, you may have received a lackluster response rate to your job applications. With all the “economic recovery” news, this likely leaves you wondering: is the job market still to blame for the lack job interviews?

This theory is plausible. However, a more likely cause: employers just don’t find what they need in your resume…   

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