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Avoid the Black Hole: ATS-proof Your Resume [Infographic]


early all large organizations – and many mid-sized companies – rely on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automatically screen thousands of candidates at the click of a button!

After all, with so many applications coming in per position, there’s no way larger employers can sift through such large quantities of resumes without an automated system.

Of course, these systems aren’t 100 percent perfect. Your well-suited resume may never be seen by the recruiter if the formatting doesn’t match exactly what is expected… as dictated by the human setting up the ATS…   

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Why You Suck at Networking – And How to Do it Right


Want to know a secret? Your networking sucks. No worries, though. Mine used to suck as well, until I discovered the secret: stop networking altogether.

It’s simple, really: I dropped the whole notion of “networking” and did something completely different instead — a little something I like to call “non-networking.”

Here’s how it’s done (or rather, here’s how it’s not done). How to non-network in two simple steps…   

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You Write Like a Girl! 5 Ways Women Sell Themselves Short When Writing


When I read resumes, cover letters, and performance evaluations, I am struck by how differently we use language when describing women.

A man and a woman can hold the same role, but where a man simply achieved, a woman “worked hard to achieve.” He led; she “took on a leadership role.”By the time I’m done reading, I’m convinced that he deserves the job, promotion, or raise he is seeking. To her, I just want to give a pat on the head and a gold star.

“I worked hard” “I am passionate about so and so” doesn’t cut it. As you review your resume or cover letter, ask yourself these five questions to help you determine whether you’re selling yourself short:

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5 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Job Search Now


Job seekers, get the most out your job search by determining which job search strategies won’t help you land a job. Don’t miss out on core advice. Here are five Do’s and Don’ts to improving your job search:   

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Relocation in Your Future? Ask These 8 Questions First


Relocating for a job allows for new beginnings. There are new goals to meet, people to greet and sights to see.

Not only is it an opportunity to amaze a new team of colleagues with an awesome first impression, but it’s also an opportunity to tackle a new set of challenges.

Even so, one should consider the aspects of moving before relocating to a new city for a job. Whether you’re applying to long-distance jobs or have already secured a job offer in a faraway metropolis, be confident moving is the right decision for you. Ask yourself the following 8 questions:   

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On Losing Your Fear of Rejection and Embracing “No”


No one likes to hear the word NO. It sucks to not get what you want.

No, you can’t have that slice of pizza. No, you can’t have that job. No, I won’t pay you $70k a year to pay off a million dollars worth of student loans.

Lets face it, though… NO is a word that job seekers need to get used to hearing…   

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