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Fired! Whose Fault is it Anyway?


For employers, hiring is a risky endeavor. And the costs of a bad hire are high. So they want to make sure to hire the right candidate, the first time.

For job seekers, an average job search takes several months of concerted effort. So it’s important to find the best fit to increase the chance of staying at the job.

Yet bad hires still happen. Often.    

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10 Things NOT to Say in a Job Interview

Job Interview Gone Bad

You’re are nailing this interview. The recruiter is engaging, smiling… even giving that knowing nod that says “very good!”

Then, in an instant, something changes. You can feel it. And, yes, it is usually because of something you said.

If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent your next interview from going downhill like this, here are ten things you must not say…   

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Social Media Profiles: Now More Important Than Your Resume?


Is your personal Internet reputation now more important than your resume?

Yes! Each day, billions of searches are run on Google… and many of them are done by recruiters looking for that perfect candidate.

Before you submit another application or go to your next job interview, you have some important searches to make…   

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The 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a New Job


While there’s no way to truly experience the organization before accepting an offer, what can job seekers do to better estimate what the new job will be like? The following questions are designed to help you find out what you need to know about your responsibilities on the job, in the workplace environment, and as part of company culture:   

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Your Digital First Impression: Writing the Perfect Intro Email


A good, solid follow up letter not only demonstrates professionalism and follow through, but it’s also an important opportunity to reaffirm your interest and get back on the company’s radar.

Even more important: the communications you use to market your resume and application…   

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Cover Letter TMI: How Much Is Too Much?


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said we need to go there?

Leave out irrelevant details that cause the recruiter to doubt your qualifications. Your cover letter is your opportunity to grab a recruiter’s attention. It is the hook that gets an employer to read your resume and invite you for an interview.

Lets take a look at what doesn’t work in a cover letter and should be excluded:   

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