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Epic Fail: How to Handle Mess ups at Work Like a Boss

Epic Fail

But you know what? It taught me something. It obviously taught me that I need to freaking look at my assignment schedule, but it also taught me how to handle work mess ups like a total boss.   

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Face-off: Should High Schools Students Find Internships and Work?

Face off

Many high schoolers are faced with securing internships and skill-building part-time work. Why? Because they, or their parents, feel the need to get a head start on becoming employable.

Does that mean every high school student should work? Or should they enjoy their last few years of being a kid?   

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7 Important Attitude Adjustments for Job Seekers

Attitude Changes Everything

Dear College Student, I’m 52 years old, have been in the workforce for three decades, have three children and coach soccer and basketball. So as you can tell, I’m a Boomer. More important to this conversation, I also work where the local high school is located, which gives me a birds-eye view of how students act, and present themselves, in public. Of course, to say all the students act inappropriately would paint me as a grumpy old man, as my children sometimes call me. It would also be inaccurate and unfair to the “kids” who are outstanding citizens. I realize   

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10 Life Lessons for the Recently Employed

Life Lessons for Recent Grads

In the years I’ve been in business, I have hired a lot of new graduates. So after I recently read Jack Welch’s LinkedIn piece on new grads, I was compelled to write a candid open letter to them as well.

Here’s what I would (and do) tell new grads when they walk into Red Branch Media with soul-crushing loans and a desire to change the world with their knowledge…   

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Walter Mitty Has an Important Job (And So Do You)

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Most of us have had that unsettling feeling. We feel like we work hard… but our job just doesn’t matter?

As the thought progresses we think, what if we stopped showing up to work. Everything would likely move along just fine.

If you’ve had this feeling about your job, then go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

In it, Mitty discovers – despite initial appearances to the contrary – that his contribution at work really does matter.   

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8 Ways You Sabotaged Your Last Job Interview

Sabaotage Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful… no matter how much we prepare. You can read 40 blog posts, talk to every career coach and watch dozens of instructional videos, but you can still be totally caught off guard.

There may be curveballs thrown at you or things you can’t control, but there’s a way to take charge and be aware of anything that might sabotage your chances.

Here are eight things you need to be on the lookout for…   

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