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5 Subtle Signs You’re Kicking Butt at Work


If you’re not happy at work, it will be difficult to perform your day-to-day tasks well. You may not even want to get out of bed to go to work in the morning.

The good news is that there is one essential key to happiness when it comes to work: being appreciated; given praise for a job well done…   

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7 Ways to Impress the Hell Out of Your Boss


“I have to impress my boss?!” you may say after you read this post’s headline…

“Go out of my way to impress that guy who dumps his work on me, leaves early, steals credit for what I do and makes sure I never get promoted? You’re kidding, right?”

Actually, we’re not talking about that guy. If your boss fits the above description, he’s a bad boss (and we suggest looking for a happier job elsewhere). There are, however, bosses we do aim to impress…   

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5 Proven Tips to Rock Your First Job

Rock Your 1st Job

In a recent post I shared some thoughts on struggles I see new grads have with the job search. Now I want to devote some airtime to what you can to do to “Go Pro” once you have your first job.

Every new employee (hopefully) is given some kind of an orientation checklist. The list usually focuses on logistics and details of starting work in the new organization. So here are some things you may not find on that list, but are essential to your success in your first job.   

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