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What Your Future Boss REALLY Wants to Hear During the Interview

Job Interview What to Really Say

Ever think about what your future boss really wants to hear during the job interview? What can you say in that 45 minutes that greatly increases your chances of receiving a job offer?

I recently heard some great advice that lined up with my previous experience as a human resources manager, so I’m sharing…   

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Will It Hurt My Job Search if I Don’t Use a Cover Letter?

cover letter

Job seekers often ask me, “Do I really need a cover letter?” or “Does anyone actually read a cover letter?”

The answer to both is a resounding yes. Yes, you really need a cover letter—and yes, recruiters and employers actually DO read them. Furthermore, it absolutely CAN hurt your resume response rate if you do not use a cover letter.

Allow me to elaborate on the advantages of utilizing a cover letter and what you’re missing out on by not writing one:

Here are 5 advantages of using a cover letter:   

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5 Interview-Winning Resume Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers


Unfortunately, many career centers have misinformed new graduates regarding what a resume should look and sound like—so entry-level resumes tend to be plagued by bland resume formats and poorly-written, outdated objective statements.

Instead, a young professional’s resume should communicate how you can assist the employer with meeting their needs…   

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Give Your Resume Impact with a Powerful Professional Summary


Recruiters work in specifics. Generalities on your resume rarely produce impactful impressions because you just blend in with the hundreds of other candidates for each position.

Laser-focused statements that highlight your personal brand and the amazing addition you’d be to the organization, on the other hand, generate a much higher resume response rate. You have only about seven seconds to catch a recruiters attention though, so you better make a strong statement up front!

To assist you in stepping away from the generalities and vague, “fluffy” statements found so many resumes these days, here are some tips on how to write a powerful professional career summary for your resume.   

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3 Steps to a Customized Cover Letter a Recruiter Will Read

Cover Letter

Each job or internship you apply for is different from the last… different job, unique requirements, another company. So, it remains very important to customize every cover letter as you apply!

The hiring manager wants to know you’re not just sending out a generic letter to all employers; in fact, if they sense a “form letter” hiring managers will often immediately delete the application…   

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The 5 Must-have Features That Will Get Your Resume Read

Get Your Resume Read

Your resume has only one purpose – to make a great impression on a hiring manager so you get a job interview. That’s all. And your resume has one shot to do its job.

Here are 5 must-have features to help you create an effective resume that gets read.   

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