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5 Common Resume Mistakes (And 5 Quick Fixes)

Quick Fix

Writing a resume is easy. Right? You just type your responsibilities, a few metrics and just the right amount of buzzwords onto a Word doc. And voila, send that resume to every job posting you find.

Wrong! Resumes are strategic marketing communications that must be created thoughtfully… and with some oomph…   

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Don’t Be THAT Guy: 6 Job Search Behaviors to Avoid

Job Search Behavior

You’ve heard it a million times… the job market is competitive, and the economy still uncertain. In that environment it’s tough to maintain your poise and hope as a job seeker, right?

With that said, you can take targeted, positive and actionable steps to create positive results for yourself. Below, we’ve listed six unhealthy job search habits that will make your job search more difficult. So… avoid these…   

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