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Why the College Degree Will Be Obsolete in 15 Years

College Degree

We all have things around that we no longer need, without really knowing why we keep them. If you live and work in a big city, you may still have your car from the days when you used to live in the suburbs. At one time, the car had a purpose. But now? It just collects parking tickets and bird poop.

Some things outlive their usefulness. Perhaps a traditional college degree is one of them…   

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Is a College Degree Still Worth It? [Infographic]

YouTern has explored this topic a few times in our blog… whether higher education provides the same boost to one’s career as it did in the past. There are many pros and cons, with both sides making equally compelling arguments. In the infographic below, DegreeJungle.com presents some interesting statistics.

For those in college now, or weighing their options, this is a good post to check out!   

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