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The Modern Cover Letter: Just as Relevant as Ever [Infographic]

modern cover letter

For years, many people in hiring circles have predicted the death of the cover letter. Given the proliferation of online job searches and email communication, they see them as a relic of the old way of doing things. A cover letter, these prognosticators will tell you, serves no purpose when the job board is simply forwarding relevant resumes. While that may be true for a generic job search, it won’t help you find your dream job. At a time when the job market allows you to target companies you, as the employee, prefer, the modern cover letter serves to introduce your passion and desire to join the team.   

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Your Cover Letter: How to Write the Perfect Opening Line


The opening line of the cover letter is your hook… your best (and sometimes only) chance to really impress. And it can often be challenging to nail that perfect opener.

Here are a few ideas for writing the perfect opening line for your cover letter…   

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Before the Elevator Pitch… Your Introduction Is Most Important


Think about how many times we are asked in either a professional or social setting, “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group.”

Similar to writing a compelling bio, taking the time to craft an interesting, concise, reusable response to “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group” is an excellent investment. If you can describe yourself in a way that is appealing to others, it will open the door to opportunities and further conversations and questions.   

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