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Win Job Interviews: Learn How to Play the Q & A Game

win job interviews

There’s too much at stake to call the job search a game… but there is a way to win job interviews.

And that starts with unraveling the mystery in each question, developing answers that showcase your accomplishments, and convince the interviewer you are the perfect person for the job.   

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Interview Better: Build Relationships with Hiring Managers

build relationships with hiring managers

In the story of interviewing for a job, sometimes the hiring manager can become the villain.

After all, if you’ve been on interview after interview. And sometimes it seems like they’re listing the perfect job for you over and over again only to pull it out from under your feet…   

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7 Challenging Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Tough interview questions___ and answers (330 x 220)(1)

Some companies are notorious for asking perplexing job interview questions like Google’s “How many calories are in a grocery store?”

When applying for internships or jobs, you are probably not going to be asked these questions, so we’ve compiled a list of the seven toughest interview questions…   

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For a Successful Job Interview: Manage Your Nerves!


You’ve done everything right, and it worked! You’ve landed a job interview for the perfect job for the perfect employer.

YIKES! A job interview! If you are like the vast majority of people, while you are thrilled and excited at this opportunity, you are also terrified…   

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30-Minute Makeover: 7 Steps to Make Your Resume Sparkle

You’ve applied for dozens of jobs or internships… and have been invited to zero interviews. The problem is your resume.

Pure and simple: no matter how good you think your resume is, you’re wrong.

Here, in just 30 minutes, are steps you can take to dramatically improve your resume – and get the interview…   

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