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Key to Job Interview Success: Interview the Interviewer


Once upon a time, I was terrible at job interviews.

Okay, “terrible” is harsh – but you would have had to look far and wide to find someone more nervous in an interview than I was.

In each interview, I felt like I was partially on trial, and partially a contestant on “Jeopardy”. To me, the interview was a tryout… to see if I was deemed worthy. Incredibly intimidated, I rarely made it to Final Jeopardy…   

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Ready for Those Oddball Job Interview Questions?

Job Interview

“Which kitchen utensil would you be?”

“How would you direct someone on how to cook an omelet?”

Oddball questions may seem to have nothing to do with a job position, but companies are increasingly asking these brainteaser questions to determine a candidate’s ability to think on their feet, think critically, problem solve and effectively talk through a response. Keep in mind, there aren’t always right or wrong answers to these questions, but they can still be tricky.

Here are a few tips to help you respond to four sample oddball interview questions:   

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Increase Your Job Interview Success: Know the Interviewer

Job Interview

More often than not when someone tells me they have a job interview (yay!) I ask, “Great! Who is the interview with?” And the answer nearly all of the time is, “Oh I don’t know I’m sure it’s some HR person.”

“Just some HR person” can send you on to the next level, or hold you back from ever getting an offer.

When you know who the interviewer is, you’ll have better interview success.   

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