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What You Wish You Knew: Job Interviews [Infographic]

How many of you have come out of an interview thinking you wish you’d done something differently? Maybe something you said came out wrong, you forgot to say something you meant to say, or you saw the “weird” look your shoes got.

AOL Jobs writer David Schepp shared an infographic about what job seekers wished they had known before their job interview.   

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5 Keys to Jumping Past Job Interview Jitters

During this challenging economy, the pressure on college students and recent graduates to ace the elusive job or internship interview can be exhausting, even traumatic.

The key to doing well? Coming in confident and prepared! Yet many of us wait until we get a phone call to come in for an interview before we start to prepare for success.   

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How to Answer the 7 Toughest Interview Questions

If you’ve made it to the interview round during your job search, congratulate yourself! The hiring manager obviously thinks you could be a good fit for the position and wants to learn more about you.

Now comes the time to practice your answers to the questions you’ll probably encounter. Practicing helps you not only perfect your answers, but also sound confident while you’re answering their questions.   

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Take These 20 Great Questions to Your Next Job Interview

Congratulations – you have a job interview! Hopefully you prepared answers to the typical questions your interviewer may ask. But equally important – what questions do you plan to ask the interviewer?

Job seekers are often shy about asking an employer anything during a interview. But it’s another important way to show that you’ve researched the organization and care about your future with the company.   

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YouTern Interviews Interns: “You Can Get a Job Before Graduation”

Even in this economy, you can have a job offer before you graduate. Just ask Cristina Liquori, who not only landed a job – she was able to parlay her combined education and real-world experience into what anyone would consider a dream job at LEGO Systems, a company known for its outstanding culture and creative work environment.   

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YouTern Interviews Interns: “You Can Never Learn Enough”

YouTern interviews Melissa Lawhorn, a senior at Indiana University. Melissa tells us how she secured multiple internships in the last year, her thoughts on virtual internships and social media, and her best advice for others who desire to build experience through internships.   

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