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Want the Job? Walk Into the Interview with a 30-60-90 Day Plan


Being interview ready means more than showing up with your resume with a nice suit on. In today’s job market, being ready is all about showing the hiring manager how prepared you are for their role, and how easily you will be able to step into the open position.

In other words: you need to be bold enough to act like you already have the job, to land the job…   

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3 Things You’re Getting Really Wrong About Job Interviews

why no job

I spent a Sunday afternoon coaching Jeff to get ready for an interview he had the next day. It was a company he really wanted to work for. He didn’t want to leave disappointed one more time.

And the day would be grueling. He had 5 one-on-one interviews – each an hour long. In between all that there was a lunch with a few of the team members.

To be successful in this interview, I knew he would need to change up his strategy completely.

While working with him, I saw beliefs about the interview I see in many new grad job seekers.   

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Finally: Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews

informational interview

In informational interviews, you talk with a professional from your desired field to learn more about their current line of work, their career history and obtain insider knowledge about the company (culture, availability of mentors, etc.). Informational interviews are also a great opportunity to ask advice about how to achieve your own career goals.

Here’s what else you should know about info interviews…

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After the Interview: 10 Reasons You Haven’t Heard Anything

waiting for recruiter

One of the most common frustrations for job seekers: wondering why they haven’t heard anything from the employer well past the stated hiring decision date. After all, the recruiter/HR person/hiring manager said they’d make a decision before the end of last week.

Job seekers seem to assume that the process works perfectly and smoothly on the employer’s side. That assumption is totally wrong…   

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8 Tips to Ace the Extra-Important Second Interview

Job Interview

You’re feeling great after your first interview for a job… you’ve already been told to expect a call back from HR regarding a second interview.

They call, and your initial feelings are excitement and triumph! Just as quickly, they’re replaced by anxiety and fear when you realize this interview is an opportunity to shine or fizzle — to stand out, or fall flat on your face…   

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Job Interview #FAIL: Rookie Mistakes that Kill Your Chances

#InternPro Chat Twitter

You secured the interview! Take a moment and celebrate; pat yourself on the back as you acknowledge that much of your career competition didn’t make it this far.

Then, deliberately recognize that job interviews are a mine field of mistakes that could immediately end your chances of getting the job. Some could be labeled as “common sense” (yet happen all the time!) while others are far more subtle. All of them, however, are avoidable… and every meeting with a potential employer is another chance to improve your job interview performance.

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community took on these rookie mistakes at job interviews…   

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