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Introverts: It’s Time to Ace the Interview and Win the Job!


As a member of the introverts club, you may not be the slick small talker who enjoys taking center stage. You may also find it challenging to fully answer interview questions and flinch at the thought of promoting your academic achievements, touting examples of your practical experience and flaunting your admirable personal qualities. But these challenges are far from insurmountable.

With some strategic advanced planning and practiced techniques, introverts can turn away uncertainty to ace that interview and win that job!   

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#InternPro Chat: How to Prove to Employers You’re the Right Candidate

right candidate

Every time you apply for a job, you do so knowing many other candidates possess the same education, skills, and experience as you. To gain a competitive edge in your job search, then, you need to stand out in the crowd.

You must prove that you’re the right candidate for the job…   

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HR Fail: 7 Lame Reasons You Never Get a Call Back

hr fail no call back

I receive emails almost daily from frustrated job seekers asking me what they should do when they don’t receive any follow up from potential employers after a job interview. Frustrated, mad, disappointed, offended, tired… can you relate to any of those feelings? Those sentiments often fill my inbox, along with the question, “What is happening when HR doesn’t call me back?”   

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Job Interview Doesn’t Suck


You’ve been waiting for your chance… and finally it’s here: a job interview! The date and time are set. The location is all mapped out. And you know you are going to ace the interview.

Except it’s been awhile since you last interviewed… so you begin to second-guess yourself…   

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10 Questions to Help You Decide: Is This the Right Job for Me?


You get a call from the perfect company for the perfect job. But before you get too carried away with interview prep, it’s important to understand that your ultimate goal in the interview is NOT to get the job.

Instead your goal is to figure out if you WANT the job….   

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How to Craft the Perfect Answer to “What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?”

Interview Question

One of the toughest job interview questions of all time: “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

And yet answering this question in a way sure to impress the recruiter is not all that difficult! Because like your LinkedIn profile and resume should be focused on your accomplishments (preferably quantified), so should your answer to this job interview question!   

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