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10 Job Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid [Infographic]

job Interview mistakes

As anyone who has been in a job search for a while knows, being invited to a job interview is not something easily achieved. Becoming one of the few candidates rather than being part of the usually gigantic crowd of job applicants is a major victory. Unfortunately, too many job candidates blow their interview opportunities, wasting all that time and effort. How do they blow it? By making some serious, yet often subtle, job interview mistakes.   

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To Win the Interview, You Need a Plan: A 30-60-90 Day Plan

30-60-90 day plan

If you’ve been invited back for your second or third interview and you want to really “Wow” the interview, learn how a 30-60-90 Day plan can seal the deal!   

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7 Phone Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

phone interview

The phone interview is your first chance to WOW the recruiter. To help come up the curve faster, here are some phone interview scenarios you need to know how to handle.   

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11 Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers [Infographic]

common job interview questions

When it comes to job interviews, many people don’t lump the questions you’ll be asked in the predictable category.

However, once you know the most common job interview questions asked, the better you can predict, and prepare.    

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8 Things To Evaluate Before You Say Yes To A Job

evaluate the job

Before you say yes to a job offer there are a lot of things you will want to evaluate! Between networking and the job interview, you should be able to get all your questions answered.

Just don’t wait to find the answers until you are on the job…   

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40 Tips to Help Ace Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

next job interview

Employers invite you to interviews all the time. So, why aren’t they calling you back? Perhaps your interview skills need a little refresher before your next job interview.

Good news: this infographic from AlexaJobs has you covered!   

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