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The Startling Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance


We’ve all heard of Google’s eccentric hiring process, from the infamous brain teasers (“How many golf balls can you fit on an airplane?”) to the eccentric intern activities portrayed in the movie “The Internship.” In the words of Owen Wilson’s character, “We’re looking at some sort of mental ‘Hunger Games’ against a bunch of genius kids for just a handful of jobs.” Hundreds of applicants do find themselves vying for a single position, and those who make it through the screening process must be as good in person as they are on paper. For many employers, one of the biggest   

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9 Statements by Recruiters That Raise a Big Red Flag

Clear Rejection Fake Promise Zig Ziglar

As they prepare for a job interview, many job seekers seem to forget… you’re conducting an interview, too; you need to decide if this is the best place for you, the boss for you, the job for you.

In the same way you’re promoting yourself, the employer wants to sell you on the job. So while you’re making your decision, perhaps it’s best not to fully buy into these “selling” statements recruiters make that raise the proverbial red flag…   

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