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Before Your Job Interview Ends: 5 Absolute Must Ask Questions


No, these are NOT the MOST important questions to ask during that “do you have any questions for me? portion of the interview…

But you shouldn’t leave a job interview without asking them!   

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Be Prepared: Can You Answer These Common Job Interview Questions?


In any job interview, recruiters will measure you against other applicants based on both what you say, and how you answer questions.

How can you give yourself an advantage over the other candidates you’re competing against?

Begin today by preparing answers to interview questions. You should practice these answers out loud. Practicing out loud helps you work on your articulation… and reveals pauses and the “um”s and “uh”s that make an interviewee appear less confident.

Practice answers to the following questions, and you’ll be well prepared for many very common job interview questions:   

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Here’s Exactly How to Ask Killer Job Interview Questions


We’ve all been there: you’re at a job interview, and you think you’re doing well. As the interview winds down, the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Because you feel unprepared, perhaps because you don’t want to waste the interviewer’s time, or maybe because you’re still nervous… you say “no”.


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5 Must-Ask Questions at Job Interviews

An interviewer will almost always ask you at the end of the meeting if you have any questions — say no, and you look ill-prepared, uninformed, and uninterested. Say yes, however, and ask the right questions, and you’ll impress your potential employer. Coming to an interview prepared with questions is as essential as coming to an interview in a suit and with your resume; in other words, it’s a must. Here are five must-ask questions at your next job interview:   

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