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11 Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers [Infographic]

common job interview questions

When it comes to job interviews, many people don’t lump the questions you’ll be asked in the predictable category.

However, once you know the most common job interview questions asked, the better you can predict, and prepare.    

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You’ve Answered the Job Interview Question Already… So Stop Talking!

stop talking

A very important key to job interview success is knowing when to stop talking. First, we usually learn more when we listen rather than when we talk. As the old saying goes, two ears — but only one mouth — for a reason.

Secondly, much damage can be done inadvertently when you share TMI (Too Much Information) in your job interviews…   

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How to Make Sure You Win the Job: Interview the Interviewer

interview the interviewer

Key clues happen during interviews that can help you understand what it might be like to work at that company. And even more importantly, there are also cues as to whether you’d even like the person who would be your supervisor. Getting to the heart of work culture and management styles is precisely the reason to plan on interviewing the interviewer.

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Job Interview Question: What Is Your Ideal Company?

ideal company

It might seem like answering the question, “What’s your ideal company?” is all about you. But if you answer it correctly, this question can provide a great opportunity for your prospective employer to confirm or deny whether or not they’re an ideal company for you.   

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Win Job Interviews: Learn How to Play the Q & A Game

win job interviews

There’s too much at stake to call the job search a game… but there is a way to win job interviews.

And that starts with unraveling the mystery in each question, developing answers that showcase your accomplishments, and convince the interviewer you are the perfect person for the job.   

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5 Questions You Must Ask After Every Interview

Job Interview Questions

Your job or internship interview is going off without a hitch. But just when you think the interview is over and you have this one in the bag, your interviewer asks:

“So do you have any questions for me about the position?”   

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