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Preparation: The Decisive Factor in Achieving Your Job Interview Goals [Infographic]

job interview goals

In a competitive job market, when you go to an interview you’re just one in the crowd. When hundreds of potential candidates vie for the same position, you’re nothing special. Of course, you received good grades in school. You interned at all the right companies. And you even, worked extra hard to obtain sought after skills. Guess what? So did everyone else. Top candidates level the playing field, so how can you be sure you’ll rise to the top and achieve your job interview goals? The answer, of course, is preparation.   

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Great Interview Delivery: Six Steps From the Classroom to Your Career

great interview delivery

Give yourself the best shot at leaving a great impression. Practice a great interview delivery.

Here are 6 steps you can take to do that…   

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11 Top Job Interview Tips to Help You Land the Job [Infographic]

top job interview tips

Preparing for an important job interview requires more than just memorizing answers and making sure your best outfit is laundered. Good interview preparation means paying attention the details. Almost everything about you contributes to the first impression that you make when you walk in the door. It’s that first impression that often lands the job. Anyone can give you a few pointers about the interview process. But the top interview tips concentrate on the details.   

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Job Interview Confidence: A Method to the Madness

job interview confidence

There’s a famous saying: “Act as if ye have faith, and faith shall be granted to you.” You could say the same about job interview confidence.

We all know we should exhibit confidence in job interviews, even when we’re not feeling confident. After all, it may mean the difference between getting hired or not..,   

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Come Prepared to Ace Your Next Critical Job Interview!

critical job interview

Even the best resume can’t make up for sub-par interviewing skills. Confidence, communication, and ability to articulate your value are all key to moving toward the job offer, and preparation is the key to success.    

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Cliche Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Like a Pro

cliche interview questions

It would be nice if job interview questions merely involved being asked about your favorite foods and movies, with the interviewer saying, “I love Happy Feet too! Let me show you to your desk.”

Anything would be better than answering the cliche interview questions interviewers have been asking since clipboards were invented…   

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