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Trending Interview Question: How Can We Help You Succeed?

trending interview question

Staff retention is a major concern for managers and human resources professionals. The process of interviewing candidates for an open position and onboarding new staff members is a long and costly one. Institutional knowledge is a valuable commodity that employers want to retain. One trending interview question aimed at teasing out responses about candidate’s management preferences is: “How can we help you succeed?”   

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How to Think on Your Feet at a Job Interview

quick thinking

You might assume that planning ahead to think on your feet at a job interview is a contradiction.   

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8 Hiring Managers Share Their Best and Worst Interview Stories


You just flubbed an interview. Perhaps you showed up late, let out a curse word, or maybe you were off your game entirely.

Try to let it go. And if you can’t, take comfort knowing that hiring managers have seen worse. Much worse…   

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