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Phone Interview Advice: The Long-Distance First Impression [Infographic]

phone interview advice

Talking on the phone with a stranger can feel awkward to begin with. When you add the pressure of an important job interview, it can become unbearable. You worry about what you going to say because your words are all you have to make a good first impression. That spiffy new outfit you bought to knock their socks off hangs in the closet, your firm handshake is useless (not that your hands aren’t shaking), and your body language is silent. On the phone, your words are all alone. You may needs some phone interview advice.   

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11 Essential Job Interview Questions Every Candidate Must Ask

job interview questions

You may have heard the cliché about “a job interview is not an interrogation.” Well, some statements have reached cliché status because they are so true, so often. But to make sure your next interview is a conversation (and not the dreaded interrogation), what essential interview questions should you ask?   

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Nailed it! A Comprehensive, 15-Step Interview Guide [Infographic]

interview guide

There are many steps to landing your dream job and each is very important. But if your lucky enough to land an in-person interview, the pressure is really on. You have to nail it. Of course, doing so takes a lot of preparation and practice. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a comprehensive, step-by-step interview guide to help you present yourself in the best possible light? Well… YouTern to the rescue!   

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12 Key Phrases You Should Use in a Job Interview [Infographic]

key phrases

You’ve done your research, tailored your resume, and applied for that dream job. It all paid off; you’ve got their attention! The good news is you’ve already proven you’re a viable candidate. But next comes the part a lot of people dread, the job interview. If you prepare yourself physically and mentally, you will step into the interview better equipped and more confident to answer the questions you’re asked. But this is not enough by itself. There are a handful of things that interviewers love to hear without prompting – in fact, they don’t even realize they’re looking for some of these key phrases until they hear them.   

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Job Interview Basics: A Foundation for Success [Infographic]

job interview basics

Are you about to face your first real internship or job interview? This infographic from myjobmag.com will take you back to the classroom and teach you all the job interview basics.

As you’ll see, it provides universal advice and tips that serve as a foundation for any interview preparation…   

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5 Must-Ask Questions for Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

must-ask questions

We all know that proper preparation can eliminate the nervousness that comes with jumping into the job market. Doing your research on the potential new employer, though, is just the tip of the planning iceberg.

Coming up with a few must-ask questions is now an important part of preparing for an interview…   

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