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Should I Disclose Vacation Plans During the Job Interview?

vacation plans

So, you have vacation plans in place for the holidays and you’re also actively interviewing for jobs. Or maybe you’re looking for a summer internship next year, but also planning on spending three weeks in Europe.

Do you need to tell potential employers upfront about your plans?    

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The Favorite Interview Questions of Today’s Top Executives [Infographic]

favorite interview questions

Sorry Forrest, life isn’t the only thing that’s like a box of chocolates.

Anticipating the questions you’ll be asked in a job interview, for instance. No matter how hard you try, you’ll soon learn you never know what you’re going to get.    

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Power Interviewing: How to Succeed in Any Situation [Infographic]

power interviewing

How can you maximize your chances for success in one of the most difficult, stressful, and complex elements of the job search process?

The answer is simple: Power Interviewing.   

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Why Are You Afraid to Tell Your Unique, Authentic Story?

authentic story

We tell stories every day, to family, friends and colleagues. Yet we hardly think of telling stories when we meet recruiters, hiring managers, potential employers, and even potential business partners.

Why? We are afraid; we don’t want anyone to label us as ‘braggarts.’ So we fail to tell your authentic story.


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First Impressions: A Cheat Sheet for Mastering Job Interviews [Infographic]

first impressions

First impressions are important. In fact, when it comes to a job search, the first impression is often the only chance you get. Applications, cover letters, and resumes get you in front recruiters and tell them you have the qualifications necessary for the job. But it’s in the interview where you get to meet representatives of an employer for the first time. It’s your one chance to make that first impression. You Have to Make It a Good One So, what do you need to consider when preparing for an interview? Well, everything! What you say, what you know, and what   

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Video Interviewing: Dos and Don’ts Direct from a Hiring Manager

video interviewing

As a job seeker, you already know what to do before for a video interview. Now here’s the 101 of a video interview: Candidates are given a link to the video service and asked to go through a fairly simple set-up process. The questions appear one at a time. After seeing a question, candidates have one minute to prepare an answer. Then the camera turns on.   

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