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Conquer These 10 Common Internship Fears


In a recent article “14 Awfully Frustrating Things That Every Intern Goes Through,” there’s a list of fears many interns experience. Although these are common fears for interns, there’s no reason for you to allow them to get the most of your internship experience.

To help you stay calm as you enter your next internship, I’m going to help you divide and conquer some of the most frustrating things you might experience as an intern…   

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5 Skills Needed to Score the Internship of Your Dreams

As the new fall semester approaches, you’re probably gearing up to find your next internship for the fall, or perhaps even the spring or summer.

Does it sound like it’s too soon? Perhaps at one time, that was true. However, in today’s job market, it’s never too early to get started…   

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How Do Interns Set Their Career Up for Success? [Infographic]

Intern Must Dos

You may be just finishing your summer internship, or looking forward to a new gig in the fall.

Either way, compliments of Northpoint, we present this quick reminder of “must do’s” for interns…   

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3 Things You Must Do Before Your Summer Internship Ends

Home Stretch of Summer

Somehow I blinked and it was August… the home stretch of summer.

And if you’re one of the many who chose to spend the last several weeks as an intern – doing meaningful work and gaining great experience (let’s hope) – that means that its soon time to say good-bye…   

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Reap The Benefits of an Internship During the School Year


Want in on a little secret? I’m going to show you how you can gain more internship experience than ever imagined. Many college students think they can only complete internships during the summer because they’re often told that’s the best time to gain experience. Sure, while summer internships are ideal for many college students, most of them are missing out on great opportunities throughout the rest of the year. Internships that take place during the fall or spring semesters of your school year can be a great way for you to gain experience while taking classes. While you may think you   

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Internships: A Great Way to Gain Web Design and Development Experience

Web Careers

In the Social Age, nearly every business, not-for-profit, community group and government needs their own website; perhaps several. In their personal lives, people create websites for branding, blogging and sharing their personal interests.

Which makes web design and Web development in-demand fields…   

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